December 15, 2005

December 15, 2005

Brian's first basketball game of the season, his usual number "9" was unavailable. Number "1" works for me! /Brian "1" 2005-2006 elso kosarlabda jatszmaja.

It's very entertaining to watch Brian and his team at this level. Brian plays number 5 position and has been quite effective particularly on defense./ Jo nezni ahogy Brian es csapata ilyen magas szinten tudja szorakoztatni a szurkolokat .

Anita agrees to have her picture taken on this one. This store in Banff is open year around and carries nothing but Christmas decorations./Anita szeret fenykepezkedni.

Running out of daylight, but wanted a picture of us in the mountains as we don't get out to Banff all that often./Michael, Anita es Timi a gyonyoru hegyes Banff-ben.

Timi's getting a bit of a workout here. /Nezzetek milyen eros vagyok!

Took the girls up to the hot springs in Banff and figured we would also take a few pictures./Gyogyfurdohoz mentunk Banff-ben es fenykepezkedtunk.

Mariko, Yuko, Miyuki and our newest homestay visitor Mineko. We have brought Miyuki to Banff as she will start working tomorrow here at one of the hotels. Although Yuko is no longer staying with us, she still enjoys participating in family outings etc./Mariko,Yuko,Miyuki es Mineko, novendekek Japanbol.

This elk was feeding on some domestic grass right on the side of the street. The homeowner had put up a large fence across his front lawn to keep the elk off but there is also another elk just to the left of this picture, laying on the front lawn!/Javorszarvas eppen legel Banff-ben egy haz elott.

December 10, 2005 - One of our last pictures of Miyuki as she will be leaving us to go to Banff tomorrow. We will all miss her as it has been a real pleasure to have her in our home. We hope she rejoins us again after she tires of snowboarding or housekeeping at the hotel! Good Luck in Banff Miyuki and have lots of fun!/Miyuki holnap megy Banffbe dolgozni es sielni.

Here is Anita helping Timi prepare supper. She decided to use a peeler on the large mushrooms!/Anita segit meghamozni egy hatalmas gombat vacsorara. Mindig jol jon egy kis segitseg!


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Yuko is here.
great pictures!!
Thank you.


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