November 25, 2005

Anita - More Pictures

"That dessert was soo goood, I think I'll have seconds!"

Anita posing down at our campsite.

"Hold still Mommy, I need to redden up that nose a little more!"

Daddy's turn, this will take some concentration, hence the tongue!

Fine job Anita, you're quite the Artist!

Okay now it's Anita's turn to have her face painted.

Such a natural...

Anita is such a natural poser and when it's time to take the picture she likes to get silly.

Anita was okay to wear the clowns wig around the house, but when it came time to go door to door... forget it!

All set for Trick or Treating... Anita had hoped for milder weather just like the rest of us... but that's Calgary for you!


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Congratulation!! Starting blog.


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