November 04, 2005

Riverbend Campground

This is
Our Seasonal Campsite - 78 West
Miyuki and Mariko enjoying the campfire, putting up the wind screen certainly helps on the cooler nights from getting those typical chills on the backside.

A rather colourful skyline reflecting similar imagines across the pond.

The Canadian geese frequent this pond on route south and most mornings we are awakened by their constant honking at one another as they arrive from other destinations.

One of my favorite pictures of the yard and view at the trailer. This photo was taken by Yuko, one our extended Japanese family members.

Anita enjoying the backyard and no doubt waiting to get her fish net down to the pond to see what she can catch!

This picture was taken after the lawn was cleaned up, raked and mowed twice following the second flood. We were very fortunate and had minimal damage unlike so many of our fellow campers.

This picture shows the extent of the water damage across the lawn. Not much debris was left behind, although there was a much larger deposit of silt particular in the driveway where 10 to 15 cm. was left behind mixed in with all our new gravel that we had placed the previous summer.

This picture was taken on June 19, 2005, notice the tall tree in the middle of the picture and that everything to the left of the tree is now part of the river.

This picture was taken June 05, 2005 prior to the peaking of the Sheep River. (This would be the first of 3 large floods in the coming weeks. Everything to the left of the car including all improvements, trees and land would be washed away by the force of the river in the coming days.

Again this was taken about one week prior to the onset of the floods. The water is still nice and clear and the trees and grass are all starting to green up nicely.

A very quiet location overlooking the pond. We are also very fortunate to have excellent neighbours who enjoy the peace and quiet as much as we do.

This picture shows the backyard of the trailer. These next 3 pictures where the taken prior to the onset of the floods that wreaked havoc on the campground in 2005.

This picture was taken on May 29, 2005 after making a day trip down to the campground with Mom and Dad who were visiting from Nova Scotia. The numerous yards of crushed gravel that Timi spread out over the parking areas last summer still looks nice and certainly helps to clean things up around the trailer.

After assessing the potential of this location we decided to make an offer for the trailer and if purchased we would have first right on this site. It is situated on the west end of the Riverbend Campground over looking the pond and actually sits on 1½ lots. The extra space is worth the additional fees that goes with this location. This is one of four trailers that sits on the oversized lots so the additional space, privacy and location make it rather desirable.

This is what our campsite looked like back in October of 2003, unfortunately the lawn was almost gone and the deck needed a coat of paint.


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