November 10, 2006

Summer and Fall 2006

Jennifer's night out as "Peter Pan"

Peter Pan and Tinker Bell

Jennifer and friends out for some fun!

Jennifer's model pose

Hiroko, Cindy, Sally and Anita

Timi playing the piano

Sally's Birthday - October 29

Timi made this cake for Sally's birthday!

Hiroko and Sally ready for winter!

Anita poses with the "Halloween Loot"

Michael once again scares the older kids!

Cindy, Hiroko and Sally - their first Halloween!

Hiroko, Sally, Timi, Cindy and Timi

"Princess Anita" - Halloween 2006

Halloween 2006 - Snow!!!

Halloween 2006 - Nice job on the carvings

Sally ready for dessert

Cindy and Hiroko clean out their pumpkins

Anita and Timi working on their design

Anita gets painted by her Dad!

Thanksgiving 2006 - Bring it On!

Now that's a turkey... the students have never had turkey before

Anita's "Self Portrait" on her first day of School

Anita's first day of School!

Megumi, Ayako and Timi making Chinese dumplings

Timi goofing around with her lobster claw

Michael in his glory at the Fisherman's Wharf, North Rustico, PEI

Jennifer, Anita, Brian, Timi and Michael - Confederation Bridge to PEI

Anita and Timi near the Conferderation Bridge, PEI

Timi and Ron sharing their Birthday Celebrations - August 13 & 14

Sally, (Mom) taking "Control" back from her "Children"
A personnal recollection for each of her children

Michael enjoying his "Cuba Libre"

Yo Bro! Glenn, out for a stoll in Mom and Dad's backyard

Alex, Greg and Sara relaxing in the sunroom at Gram and Gramp's

"The Levy's"
Glenn, Michael, Louanne, Sally (Mom), Ron (Dad), Debbi, Krista and Lana

"The Levy's"
Jennifer, Michael, Timi, Brian and Anita

Ryoko, Yukiko, Tomoko, Hiroko, Timi and Michael

Timi and Ryoko

Anita colouring outside at the campground

Anita and Michael (Daddy) enjoying the water at our campsite

Timi and Michael - Supper's Ready!
Brian and Anita at the Sheep River

Smore's at the campsite - Graham crackers, marshmellows and chocolate chunks

Brian about to devour his water melon

Riley and Anita playing with Muki and Nicki

Timi, Bobbie, Johnny and Riley come for a visit to the campsite

Michael and Brian's project below our campsite. This area was flooded with silt last year.

Anita and Hiroko enjoying the evening at Riverbend Campground