November 28, 2005

Michael's & Timi's Hobby!

This picture was taken in Barbados during our trip with the band in February, 2004. Although we had played at numerous locations throughout Barbados, there was still time to play in the sun, water and sand!

This is just a couple of pictures of Timi and Michael in the band, click on the link...
  • to see more pictures and information on the band.
    Timi on 6 bass, she originally played on one of the lead pans but switched after the first year to help out as required.
    This is Michael on cello, 3 pans about ½ a metre in depth, we play the "humm" (harmony) in the band similar to the cello section of a string orchestra. We are known as the "glue" of the band but I'd be more inclined to say "Krazy glue" of the band! Barry is also in the picture playing 4 bass, not quite as deep as the 6 bass that Timi plays. Barry is also a very versatile member, able to switch between bass or drums/percussion on a moments notice.


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