November 21, 2005

Our Foreign Students / Visitors 2

Yuko singing her heart out. What a pleasant surprise and an enjoyable evening. Yuko sang last among her peers and for a good reason... they had saved the "best" singer for the end of the show! /Yuko enekel egy jazz koncerten. A legjobbakat hagyjak utoljara,nem?

Yuko our "swan" all dressed up for her special night at her Jazz recital. /Yuko szepenfeloltozott a koncertre.

Mariko, Yuko and Miyuki all dressed up and ready to go out for Yuko's Jazz recital.

Our homestay "daughters" - an afternoon of shopping which included ear piercing... Ouch!!/Miyuki,Yuko es Mariko ugyanabban az uzletben furattak ki a fuluket es kaptak szep fulbevalot.

Halloween 2005 - Miyuki, Yuko and Mariko all dressed up... "Trick or Treat"/Miyuki,Yuko es Mariko elso Halloween-ja,2005.

Timi helps Mariko out with her face painting prior to making a trip around the neighbourhood with the rest of the girls.Timi segit kifesteni Marikot Halloween-ra.

Yuko and Mariko are very focused on their carving projects. /Tok faragas a novendekekkel.

Timi directing the girls in a popular North American tradition, pumpkin carving in preparation for Halloween on October 31.Az elso tok faragas a Japan novendekeknek. Nagyon elveztek.

This is Yuko Noda another of our homestay "daughters" trying her best to flip a crape. Yudo arrived in Canada back in May of this year on a working holiday visa. Her travels first began in PEI and she will go back to the Maritimes prior to returning to Japan next May. /Yuko probal segiteni a palacsinta sutesben.

Miyuki Takagi shows how to flip a crape. Miyuki arrived on September 18, 2005. We had only expected Miyuki to stay for one month as her plans where to go to Banff, find a job and enjoy her favorite winter sport... snowboarding. She has been here for 3 months now and we'll be sad to see her go in mid December. /Miyuki is ugy dontott,hogy segit a konyhaban.

This was one of our last pictures of Toshimi, she was so quiet and reserved when she first arrived. She will be greatly missed and we hope to see her in the years to come. Toshimi had originally planned on staying in Canada for only one month but had her ticket rebooked so that she could stay longer... we were so glad that she had extended her stay with us!/Toshimi eredetileg csak egy honapra jott Calgary-ba,de annyira megszeretett minket,hogy maradt kettore.

Toshimi and Mattia help out in the kitchen, Lori is baking some pies for Timi's birthday./Toshimi es Matti segit a szulinapi elokeszuletekben.Finom tortat keszitettek Timinek.

Mariko bakes some delicious homemade cookies... hmmm good!/Mariko elso sutije.

Mariko "enjoying the day" inside our new gazebo in the backyard.

yah ho... Dude! Michael having a photo opp. with the girls./Mariko,Michael es Toshimi a hatso udvarban.

Traditional Japanese dress comes to Calgary. Mariko and Toshimi looking so nice for Timi's Birthday celebration on August 13, 2005. /Mariko es Toshimi megtiszteltek Timi szuletesnapjat azzal,hogy felultoztek hagyomanyos Japan ruhaba 2005,Augusztus 13.

Mariko and Toshimi in their traditional dress... this was a special surprise for Timi's Birthday.


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Yuko is here.
I could see many picture.
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Hello,Dad. Yuko is here.
Thank you for great comment.

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