November 20, 2005

East meets West

Lori and Glenn the evening before leaving to go back to Nova Scotia. Lori has just opened a gift from Timi and Michael, a saddle leather pouch/purse.

Mariko and Mattia enjoying their time together shopping.

Lori, Jennifer and Michael waiting for their breakfast in Edmonton.

Here's the whole gang enjoying dinner out at Earl's - West Edmonton Mall.

After a full day of shopping at the West Edmonton Mall, dinner at Earl's was a welcomed finale.

Glenn and Lori sharing the facilities.. not! Photo opp. #27, perhaps!

Glenn "appears' to be disoriented here!

Mattia, Michael and Jennifer enjoying ourselves at Hooters - West Edmonton Mall.

Mattia, Brian and Jennifer - great looking young adults!

Glenn enjoying a rare photo opp... unfortunately you now all know what "really" happened to Glenn's lower back... you're not getting any younger Dude!

Jennifer and Mattia, the two best looking girls in this Saloon!

Mattia and Jennifer hanging out at Fantasyland - West Edmonton Mall.

A Mother/Daughter moment, Mattia and Lori "ham" it up for the camera.

Timi enjoying all the attention for her Birthday and especially Lori's homemade pies!

Lori puts the finishing touches on one of her delicious homemade pies - August 13, 2005.

A big "yah ho" from the whole gang - August 13, 2005.

Quick change artists - Mariko, Mattia, Timi and Toshimi.

Mariko, Mattia, Timi and Toshimi posing for the camera - August 13, 2005.

East greets the Far East. Mariko, Glenn and Toshimi.

Lori and Glenn stealing a moment in the backyard.

Glenn and Lori enjoying their time here in Calgary.

Enjoying the afternoon under the gazebo. Smile for the bartender!

Cocktail time on the patio!

No this is not Mattia's date for the evening but rather a metal art figure outside one of the stores along Eighth Avenue Mall.

Mattia's trying out the new glass lookout at the Calgary Tower. It's actually a nervous smile she is displaying here. Her "elevated" heart rate (pun intended) is not so obvious in the picture!

Glenn and Michael checking out the new glass lookout from the top of the Calgary Tower. You most definitely get a weird sensation standing out on the glass and watching all the traffic below.

Picture taken outside of the infamous Cowboys Bar in Calgary, we stopped here for Mattia but Glenn also picked up some souvenirs to add to his "cowboy attire".

Glenn doing his best to beat the Chess Champ.


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