November 21, 2005

Our Foreign Students / Visitors

Our last picture with the four girls as Asuka and Maiko would be beginning their trip back to Japan following a trip to Banff with the rest of their group the next day.

Maiko Hamano

Asuka Minamikawa

Our last evening with Asuka and Maiko. We really enjoyed our time with these girls and they had become quite attached to us over the previous 10 days.

Arron Watson enjoying his time with his 2 new Japanese friends, Asuka and Maiko.

A weekend at our campsite with our homestay girls.

Mariko enjoying her time with our two youngest homestay daughter's, Asuka Minamikawa and Maiko Hamano. Asuka and Maiko stayed with us from July 24 to August 05, 2005.

Toshima Kuninaka arrived on July 03, 2005. It wasn't long before she bonded with Mariko. Here they are both enjoying a masked facial in this picture.

"Happy Birthday Sergio Alberto Zamora Rangel" from your friends in Calgary!

Sergio joined our family from June 05-19, 2005 before returning to Mexico. Although we had not anticipated hosting young men at our homestay, we were very pleased with Sergio and he was a fine young gentleman and great ambassador of Mexico.

Timi once again makes a Birthday cake, this time it is for our Sergio Zamora.

This picture was taken just after we assembled our new bar and matching chairs. Sergio Zamora from Mexico joins Timi, Mariko and Michael for a "first drink" at the bar.

Anita helps Mariko serve the Birthday cake to everyone.

Mariko Tani - our first homestay daughter celebrates her Birthday. Mariko arrived on May 05, 2005, Brian's Birthday!


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