November 27, 2005

Jennifer's Pictures


And here we have Brain and Jennifer enjoying their tour of the Hoover Dam.

By now I think this is photo "OPP" #17! Brian and Jennifer at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Another photo "OPP" for Jennifer, this time with some of the members of "Cirque de Soleil"

Jennifer and Brian again, so photogenic and enjoying themselves in Las Vegas.

Jennifer and Brian taking a photo opportunity in Las Vegas - June 2005.

The "First Dance" at Jennifer's Graduation Banquet - 25 years ago to the day was when I first arrived in Calgary!

Jennifer's Graduation Banquet - May 28, 2005.

Mom and Dad made a special trip out for Jennifer's graduation.

Jennifer and her best friend Andrea - Graduation Day - May 28, 2005.


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