November 30, 2005

Additional Photographs - click on photos to enlarge

Well here's a decent picture of Timi and Michael.
This picture was taken on May 28, 2005. It was twenty-five years ago to the day that I arrived in Calgary with 6 other graduates of the former, Nova Scotia Land Survey Institute./Nagyon jol nezunk ki!!! 2005 Majus 28, Michael 25 evvel ezelott ezen a napon erkezett Calgaryba.

This picture was taken outside prior to the start of Jennifer's Graduation Banquet on May 28, 2005./Sally (Michael anyukaja), Michael es Timi. Jennifer ballagasan 2005 Majus 28.

Michael, Sally and Ron (Mom and Dad) at Cheesecake Cafe, Calgary - June 10, 2005./Michael, Sally es Ron (Michael apukaja)

Timi and Anita out for a stroll, prior to Brian's graduation - June 16, 2005./Timi es Anita, Brian ballagasan 2005 Junius 16.

Anita and Michael on the front lawn - July 16, 2005. / Michael es Anita a hazunk elott, 2005 Julius 16.


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