June 21, 2006

Photo Updates

Michael and Timi enjoying the beautiful day - Sunday, June 18, 2006 "Father's Day"

Yaa Boy! Michael poses for the camera.

Timi getting her workout on the 6 Bass!

Niki and Muki enjoying the warm sun.

Niki takes a break from tormenting Muki.

Muki waits for Niki to jump!

Anita having fun with her bubbles!

Ayako and Ryoko getting ready for brunch!

Ayako and Ryoko enjoy the mild evening around the campfire.

Nothing like sitting around the campfire with family and friends.

Anita and Michael posing for the camera at the "On Deck" eatery.

Michael rescues Ayako from the mud silt left behind from the flooding.

Timi's 2006 Violin Music Recital - Mount Royal College

The latest in Timi's hobbies - "cake decorating"

Anita poses for the camera with her violin.

Jennifer's 19th Birthday - May 16

Timi's receives "Mother's Day" wishes from our visitors.

Tomoko and Ena try their hand at playing the cello - steel pans.

Timi gives Ena a little "one on one" lesson on how to play the 6 bass steel drums.

Brian's 16th Birthday - May 5 (Timi made a "basketball" cake)

Tomoko's Birthday - May 04

Anita demonstrates the popular "Peace" sign used by many of our visitors.

Jennifer, Anita and Brian - Easter Sunday 2006.

Easter Sunday following the "Backyard Easter Egg Hunt"

Yukiko, Tomoko and Anita at Riverbend Campground on April 14, 2006.

Anita, Tomoko and Yukiko play a fishing game.

Anita wears the traditional "topknot" wig


At 9:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yuko is here from Japan.
Great job!!!
See you soon.


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