November 30, 2005

Additional Photographs - click on photos to enlarge

Well here's a decent picture of Timi and Michael.
This picture was taken on May 28, 2005. It was twenty-five years ago to the day that I arrived in Calgary with 6 other graduates of the former, Nova Scotia Land Survey Institute./Nagyon jol nezunk ki!!! 2005 Majus 28, Michael 25 evvel ezelott ezen a napon erkezett Calgaryba.

This picture was taken outside prior to the start of Jennifer's Graduation Banquet on May 28, 2005./Sally (Michael anyukaja), Michael es Timi. Jennifer ballagasan 2005 Majus 28.

Michael, Sally and Ron (Mom and Dad) at Cheesecake Cafe, Calgary - June 10, 2005./Michael, Sally es Ron (Michael apukaja)

Timi and Anita out for a stroll, prior to Brian's graduation - June 16, 2005./Timi es Anita, Brian ballagasan 2005 Junius 16.

Anita and Michael on the front lawn - July 16, 2005. / Michael es Anita a hazunk elott, 2005 Julius 16.

November 28, 2005

Michael's & Timi's Hobby!

This picture was taken in Barbados during our trip with the band in February, 2004. Although we had played at numerous locations throughout Barbados, there was still time to play in the sun, water and sand!

This is just a couple of pictures of Timi and Michael in the band, click on the link...
  • to see more pictures and information on the band.
    Timi on 6 bass, she originally played on one of the lead pans but switched after the first year to help out as required.
    This is Michael on cello, 3 pans about ½ a metre in depth, we play the "humm" (harmony) in the band similar to the cello section of a string orchestra. We are known as the "glue" of the band but I'd be more inclined to say "Krazy glue" of the band! Barry is also in the picture playing 4 bass, not quite as deep as the 6 bass that Timi plays. Barry is also a very versatile member, able to switch between bass or drums/percussion on a moments notice.

    November 27, 2005

    Jennifer's Pictures


    And here we have Brain and Jennifer enjoying their tour of the Hoover Dam.

    By now I think this is photo "OPP" #17! Brian and Jennifer at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

    Another photo "OPP" for Jennifer, this time with some of the members of "Cirque de Soleil"

    Jennifer and Brian again, so photogenic and enjoying themselves in Las Vegas.

    Jennifer and Brian taking a photo opportunity in Las Vegas - June 2005.

    The "First Dance" at Jennifer's Graduation Banquet - 25 years ago to the day was when I first arrived in Calgary!

    Jennifer's Graduation Banquet - May 28, 2005.

    Mom and Dad made a special trip out for Jennifer's graduation.

    Jennifer and her best friend Andrea - Graduation Day - May 28, 2005.

    November 26, 2005

    Brian's Pictures

    Brian in an unnatural football pose. A force to be reckoned with!

    Brian at the left of the picture, doing what he's supposed to do.

    Brian's new competitive sport, football!

    Nice campfire, a little too big for roasting marshmallows just yet.

    Brian's in charge of starting the fire for the wiener / marshmallow roast tonight!

    Mariko's Birthday! - August 05, 2005.

    One of the "Hooters" girls... and we think Brian's in the picture somewhere!

    Mattia, Brian and Jennifer posing at "Hooters" at the West Edmonton Mall, August 2005.

    Brian taking a break from the waterslides at West Edmonton Mall, August 2005.

    Relaxing in the backyard, Brian, Glenn, Anita and Toshimi.

    Brian relaxing in the backyard, August 2005.

    Brian, Jennifer and Anita goofing around while Glenn, Lori, Mattia and Timi shop for cowboy boots.

    Outside Brian's graduation ceremony, June 16, 2005.

    Brian accepting his "High Honours" award for Grade 9, June 16, 2005.

    Black Forest Cake... one of Brian's favorites. Nice job on the cake Timi.

    May 5th, 2005, Happy Birthday Brian, 15 years old and you're already taller than your Dad!

    November 25, 2005

    Anita - More Pictures

    "That dessert was soo goood, I think I'll have seconds!"

    Anita posing down at our campsite.

    "Hold still Mommy, I need to redden up that nose a little more!"

    Daddy's turn, this will take some concentration, hence the tongue!

    Fine job Anita, you're quite the Artist!

    Okay now it's Anita's turn to have her face painted.

    Such a natural...

    Anita is such a natural poser and when it's time to take the picture she likes to get silly.

    Anita was okay to wear the clowns wig around the house, but when it came time to go door to door... forget it!

    All set for Trick or Treating... Anita had hoped for milder weather just like the rest of us... but that's Calgary for you!

    November 24, 2005

    Anita's Pictures


    Anita posing in the backyard next to our little flowerbed of wild flowers.

    Anita posing in the backyard.

    One of my favorite, I use this one as my background on my computer.

    Anita doing her best at "dryland" swimming!

    Anita being goofy with her Dad at the waterpark - West Edmonton Mall - August, 2005.

    At the Calgary Tower, August 2005.

    yah ho, Anita's funky cowgirl attire.